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Cartwright, Sharon » My Mission

My Mission

As School Counselor, my primary responsibility is to promote the academic, personal, and social development of all students.  I look forward to offering support to students, staff, families, and community members.

My goal is to create a positive and supportive environment conducive to learning and success.  Please know that I am dedicated in making every possible effort to make certain that all students receive as much personal assistance as possible to ensure that their years at San Augustine High School are productive and meaningful.



Como la Consejera Escolar, mi responsabilidad primordial es promover el desarrollo académico, social y personal de todos los estudiantes.  Estaré ofreciendo siempre el mejor apoyo a estudiantes, maestros, familias y miembros de la comunidad.

Mi objetivo es crear un entorno positivo y propicio para el aprendizaje y el éxito.  Quiero que sepan que estoy dedicada en hacer todo el esfuerzo posible para asegurarme que todos los estudiantes reciban la mayor atención como sea posible para asegurar que sus años en la Escuela Preparatoria San Augustine (San Augustine High School) sea productiva y significativa. 

Recent Posts

Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors: Medical Assistant Career Resources, is a site dedicated to connecting students with everything they need to begin a career in medical assisting. With increasing college tuition and a 23% growth rate projected by the BLS, medical assisting is an excellent choice for students in Texas who are looking for an alternative to a 4-year college degree. As Texas already boasts a workforce of close to 60,000 medical assistants, it is an excellent place for a new medical assistant to begin their career.

To meet this demand, we have expanded our site’s resources for students in Texas, which can be found here:
How do I choose a program? - Our database of accredited medical assisting schools in Texas.
  • How do I pay for school? - A list of scholarships for Texas students in medical assisting.
  • Where should I work? - Employment data for each major metropolitan area in the state, including Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, the greater Houston area, and statewide resources.
There is no cost associated with any of our resources.

Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors: Highly Selective Colleges

If Highly Selective Colleges Are on Your List
Are you in love with a selective college?
Around 60 U.S. colleges are heartbreakers. They admit one-third or fewer of the students who apply. If you are counting on getting into one of them, here's some food for thought.
Being an outstanding applicant is no guarantee.
Many applicants to the most selective colleges have outstanding GPAs, high test scores, tons of honors and AP courses, amazing extracurricular resumes, and compelling essays and letters of recommendation. Truth: Most of them are not admitted.
Getting in may take an "X factor."
Just what gets one stellar student admitted and another denied is hard to pin down. Truth: For almost every student, a highly selective college is a "reach."
How to avoid the heartbreak.
No matter how determined you are to attend a highly selective college, open your heart to other schools. Many colleges offer the same qualities as highly selective colleges, such as beautiful campuses, famous professors, and incredible students who succeed after they graduate. Truth: Many students fall in love with one of their "backups" and never look back.
For more on highly selective colleges and whether one is right for you, read the full article at:

Seniors: Texas A&M Extends Admissions and Scholarship Deadline

Texas A&M University is committed to making sure every student has an opportunity to submit an application to be a part of the Aggie Family. We realize that many prospective students have been profoundly affected by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey; making it difficult for them to complete their applications and provide supporting documents by the December 1 deadline. We want to extend them a helping hand.

While our original application deadline was December 1we will now be accepting both admissions and scholarship applications through January 2, 2018. Additionally, if the admissions application itself is submitted by the new deadline, we will accept required supporting documents (test scores, transcripts, etc.) throughJanuary 10, 2018.

These new deadlines apply to all prospective students, not just those affected by Hurricane Harvey. We hope this will help as many students as possible make their Aggie dream a reality.


  • Admissions applications:January 2, 2018
  • Scholarship applications:January 2, 2018
  • Supporting documents for admissions applications: January 10, 2018

As a reminder, in this year's application cycle we introduced a new process by which students can self-report whether they qualify for a fee waiver based on information they provide on the ApplyTexas or Coalition application. If you have students whom you believe may need additional assistance, please encourage them to contact our office.

The Aggie family stands with all those affected by this tragedy, and our admissions staff is ready to assist all students in any way possible. Please don't hesitate to contact or 979-845-1060 with additional questions.

Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors: Improve your Admission Chances

Improve Your Admission Chances
Can you boost your odds of getting in? Yes!
Here are three steps you can take right now to help you become an even more impressive candidate.
    • Challenge yourself. Colleges look for successful students who seek out the most challenging courses available to them. Consider adding some AP courses to your schedule or taking a college class.
    • Get used to standardized tests. Bolster your confidence and test-taking skills: practice, practice, practice. It won't make you perfect, but it can make you a less nervous and more efficient test taker.
  • Learn to write well. Being able to deftly express your educational goals, interests, and dreams (and use proper grammar!) can tip the admission scales in your favor. If writing isn't your forte, work hard now to improve it.
Show them you can succeed.
Tell admissions officers the most important thing they want to know about you: that you're prepared to succeed in college.
For more ways to impress application readers -- and increase your chances of admission -- read the full article at:

Seniors: 2nd Annual East Texas Aggie for a Day Trip Application Open



It is time to apply for the 2nd Annual East Texas Aggie for a Day Trip.  Last year, this trip was instrumental in helping a number of students decide that they wanted to become Aggies!  This year, the trip was moved from November 16th to Tuesday,November 7, 2017.    

 This is a free, all-expenses paid trip to our campus in College Station. Students will be required to meet us and ride the charter bus inTyler, TX to participate on this trip.


On this trip students will:

  • Learn about Aggie Traditions
  • Tour campus
  • Tour the Dorms/Residence Halls
  • Meet with current students
  • Eat in a campus dining hall
  • Learn about student organizations
  • And much more!


To be eligible to apply for this trip students must:

  • Be a Senior (High School Class of 2018)
  • Have a completed ApplyTexas or Coalition Application submitted by October 31, 2017
  • Be ranked in the Top 10% of your class


  • Be ranked in the Top 25% with:
    • combined SAT score of at least 1360 composite scores, with at least a 620 in Math and a 660 in the Evidence-based Reading/Writing Section, 
    • composite ACT score of at least 30 with at least a 27 in the Math and English components


The application deadline is November 1, 2017


Spots are limited and will be awarded to the students who meet the program eligibility requirements.  Preference will be given to 1stgeneration college students and low income students.  **Students will be on a supervised schedule throughout the length of this trip, they will not be allowed to wander off and hang out with friends/siblings. 


Submission of registration does not guarantee/reserve a spot on the trip.  We will communicate with the student if they have been selected to participate.  Students will receive an excused absence form for the trip.       


Please apply at:


Seniors: SFA Showcase Saturday Dates

Seniors interested in attending SFA are encouraged to attend one of the Showcase Saturday open house events.  
Showcase Saturday dates are:
November 11, 2107
February 24, 2018
March 24, 2018
Mark your calendars!

Seniors: SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY: Earle North Parker Essay Contest

Seniors are encouraged to apply for the Air Force Association-Texas Earle North Parker Essay Contest.  Prizes include $2000 for 1st place and $1000 for 2nd place.
Applications are available in the Counseling Center.
Deadline:  Postmarked by December 15, 2017.

Seniors: University of Texas Scholarship Opportunity

Seniors planning on attending UT @ Austin are encouraged to apply for Texas Advance, a scholarship initiative aimed at supporting the success of hard-working, economically disadvantaged Texas high school students.
Texas Advance programs include the University Leadership Network and Presidential Scholars Scholarship awards.
In order to qualify for consideration, students must:
Submit an application to UT for admission by December 1st.
Submit the FAFSA by December 1st priority consideration, or no later than March 15, 2018.

Seniors: Scholarship Opportunity: Texas Student Housing Scholarship

This scholarship is open to seniors who have been accepted to colleges in:
These scholarships are awarded for the full or partial cost of an OFF-CAMPUS room for one academic year at:
Town Lake in Austin; the Ridge at North Texas; and the Cambridge in College Station.
Interested students should see Ms. Cartwright for an application.

Seniors: Scholarship Opportunity: The Sons of the Republic of Texas History Scholarship

Seniors who wish to apply for the Sons of the Republic of Texas Scholarship Essay should pick up an application in the Counseling Center in the racks.
Deadline is January 31, 2018.
Apply today!

Seniors: Prudential Spirit of Community Awards

If you have made a difference in our community through volunteering, you are encouraged to apply for the Prudential Spirit of Community Award.
Application can be found on the E-Scholarship Website--due date November 7, 2017.
Apply today!

Juniors and Seniors: Finding Financially Friendly College

Finding Financially Friendly Colleges
What is a financially friendly college?
Some colleges are simply more generous when it comes to financial aid, and they do a better job of reducing your cost to attend. You can find "financially friendly" colleges on COLLEGEdata. Just use College Match to search for schools using these factors:
    • Financial need met. Your "financial need" is the amount that colleges calculate you can't afford to pay. Some colleges cover 100 percent of your financial need, but many cover much less.
    • Merit aid offered. Merit aid is money you don't have to pay back. You can search for colleges based on the percent of freshmen receiving merit aid -- overall or only freshmen without financial need.
  • Student loan debt. What is the average student loan balance students have when they graduate? If the average loan balance is lower, it may mean that the college is more generous with grants and scholarships.
Is financial aid reduced after freshman year?
To avoid an unpleasant surprise after your first year of college, see how the financial aid awards for freshmen compare to those offered to other undergraduates. They should be similar. Check the Money Matters page of any school's College Profile on COLLEGEdata for details.
For more signs of financial friendliness, including clues you can find on the college's website, read the full article at:

Seniors: FAFSA Information about Your Expected Family Contribution

Your Expected Family Contribution
See how your EFC impacts your financial aid award.
If you understand what your EFC means and how colleges use it, you can make more informed -- and possibly more affordable -- college choices.
    • What is your EFC? Your Expected Family Contribution is the amount you and your family will be expected to pay for a single year of college.
    • Where does your EFC come from? Your EFC is calculated each year based on information you provide on your financial aid application -- the FAFSA (and the CSS PROFILE, if the college requires it).
    • How does your EFC affect how much aid you get? Colleges subtract your EFC from the cost of attendance to calculate the amount of financial aid you are eligible for.
Is it really that simple?
Definitely not. Your EFC is not necessarily what you will wind up paying. Your real cost -- called your "net price" -- is likely to be different.
To learn more about EFC -- including why you might have more than one -- and how to understand what your real cost of college might be, read the full article at:

Seniors: Scholarship Opportunity and AG Student of the Month

Scholarship Information!

Texas Farm Credit would like to take this opportunity to invite your students
to submit their application to our Ag Student of the Month program
and Marsha Martin Scholarship program. Students may apply for both
programs by completing one simple application.

To learn more and download the application packet, go to:

Texas Farm Credit Services has a mission to support agriculture and rural communities today and tomorrow. Our customer-owned cooperative proudly offers two programs that recognize high school seniors who excel in the classroom and in the FFA chapters and 4-H clubs. 

AgStudent of the MonthEach of Texas Farm Credit's 20 branches will recognize one outstanding student per month from January to April 2018. Winners will receive $100 Visa gift cards and will advance to the selection process for the Marsha Martin Scholarship.

Texas Farm Credit will continue to award five Marsha Martin Scholarships in the amount of $2,000 each for graduating seniors who are involved in FFA or 4-H and are pursuing a college degree in an agriculture-related field of study. These five scholarship recipients will be selected from the monthly AgStudent of the Month winners. 
Our application deadline and requirements have changed from previous years so please ensure you review eligibility requirements, you are using the 2018 application, and note the
December 1, 2017 deadline.