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Cartwright, Sharon » My Mission

My Mission

As School Counselor, my primary responsibility is to promote the academic, personal, and social development of all students.  I look forward to offering support to students, staff, families, and community members.

My goal is to create a positive and supportive environment conducive to learning and success.  Please know that I am dedicated in making every possible effort to make certain that all students receive as much personal assistance as possible to ensure that their years at San Augustine High School are productive and meaningful.



Como la Consejera Escolar, mi responsabilidad primordial es promover el desarrollo académico, social y personal de todos los estudiantes.  Estaré ofreciendo siempre el mejor apoyo a estudiantes, maestros, familias y miembros de la comunidad.

Mi objetivo es crear un entorno positivo y propicio para el aprendizaje y el éxito.  Quiero que sepan que estoy dedicada en hacer todo el esfuerzo posible para asegurarme que todos los estudiantes reciban la mayor atención como sea posible para asegurar que sus años en la Escuela Preparatoria San Augustine (San Augustine High School) sea productiva y significativa. 

Recent Posts

Juniors Planning on Applying to Texas A&M......

Texas A&M will begin accepting applications for Fall 2019 beginning July 1, 2018. Both the ApplyTexas and Coalition applications will be available to  students and the deadline to apply is December 1, 2018. We recommend that students fill out the application completely in lieu of submitting a resume. 

New for this admission cycle, we are only requiring students to submit one essay - essay prompt A. While the optional essays will still be viewable as part of the application, only Essay A will be reviewed for admission.

Juniors and Seniors: Choosing a College

Worst Reasons to Choose
(or Lose) a College
How to avoid college remorse.
You don't want to end up unhappy in college. So think twice if you find yourself choosing (or rejecting) a school for any of the following reasons.
    • Romance. It's tempting to choose a college just to be with a special someone. But right now that special someone is you! Choose a school that is best for your future.
    • Your friends are going there. It's tough to leave your high school friends. But making new friends is one of the best benefits of college!
  • Beautiful people, or lack of them. If you prioritize dating over studying, your stay in college may be short.
Choose a college for the right reasons.
Choose a college that fits you well academically, personally, and financially. To see how students like you found their right-for-me college, check out the Road to College stories in the College Buzzsection of COLLEGEdata.
To see five more questionable reasons for choosing a college, read the full article at:

Attention Seniors!!!!

Seniors, if you have not ordered your C&G you must go online to to place your order by this Friday, April 27th or you will not have a C&G for graduation!!!

Seniors: Panola College Choir Scholarship

The Panola College Choral Department is currently holding auditions for choir scholarships.  I am sure hoping that some of your students might be interested!

The majority of our scholarship recipients are not majoring in music.  However, for those students that would like to pursue a degree in music, we have a magnificent program.  Our music majors are well-prepared and have proven to be very successful at completing their degrees at the university level.  

Students that are interested in auditioning for a scholarship should contact Sandra Bauer at 903-693-2061 or

Seniors: More Financial Aid, Please!

I'd Like More Aid, Please
Didn't get enough aid to attend your dream college? You've got options!
Financial aid officers are open to learning more about your family's ability to pay for college. Here's how to make the case that you need (or deserve) more financial aid.
Ask for a review of your family's finances.
Report any changes to your financial situation that occurred after you filed your aid applications. For example, a parent may have lost a job or become seriously ill. Include any expenses that you might not have accounted for in your aid applications, such as expensive medical treatments.
Ask for more merit-based aid.
If you are a desirable applicant, aid officers may be open to discussing an increase in your merit and scholarship aid. Just make sure the aid is renewable for future years.
Ask for an adjustment to your cost of attendance.
Your aid offer may not have taken into account college-related costs such as travel to and from the college or accommodations for a disability.
To see seven more tips for appealing your financial aid award -- and three things you should never say to a financial aid officer -

Seniors: Scholarship Opportunity

The Horatio Alger Association Career & Technical Scholarship is available for students interested in enrolling in a Career and Technical Education program.  It is worth up to a maximum award of $2,500 based on the cost of the program and the need of the student.
Deadline:  First Priority deadline is June 15 - online
Additional information is available in the Counseling Center

Seniors: Ozarka Scholarship Opportunity

The "Every Drop Counts" $10,000 scholarship opportunity is available for all students pursuing degrees at a college or university in the field of earth/environmental science.
Deadline:  All materials submitted by May 25
Applications are available in the Counseling Center.


The Whitton-Johnson Memorial Scholarship applications are available in the Counseling Center.  ALL seniors who plan to attend a college or university in the fall are encouraged to apply.
Deadline:  May 11th

Juniors: If you plan on applying to Texas A&M, read this.....

Texas A&M will only require students to complete Essay Topic A on the application going forward. Additional essays will not be considered in the admission decision process.  The prompt has not changed. Essay A Prompt: What was the environment in which you were raised? Describe your family, home, neighborhood, or community, and explain how it has shaped you as a person.

  1. As always, we will still continue to automatically accept the Top 10%, as long as they complete the application process by the December 1st deadline and meet the curriculum requirements (Distinguished Graduation Plan w/ at least 1 endorsement). 
  2. For those students interested in Texas A&M, please encourage them to register themselves at  This way I will have their contact information over the summer. 
  3. Please continue to encourage students to take their SAT or ACT early.  The last possible 1st test score that we can accept will be the October tests.  Students without scores on file that are testing in November are pushing their luck to get scores in by December 1
  4. For Dallas-Fort Worth Area Students:  We will host a series of Application Information Session at our DFW Prospective Student Center throughout the summer.  The sessions will start in early June and go through August.  I will send out registration details and flyers to you once they become available. 
  5. For East Texas Students: As in the past, I will host a series of Application Info Session in Tyler, Longview, and Overton this summer.  My first session will be Tyler in June.  I will send you a flyer with registration details in a few weeks once it becomes available.  For students in the Texarkana Area, I am planning on hosting group Coffee Talks over the summer.  More details to follow.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.  You can also always send students and parent my way for any questions or concerns they may have.


I am looking forward to welcoming our incoming Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2022 and recruiting theFightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2023


Thanks and Gig’em,


Derek J. Nido ‘11  |  Regional Advisor II- East Texas
Office of Admissions, Division of Enrollment & Academic Services | Texas A&M University
3900 Arlington Highlands Blvd. Suite 273 | Arlington, TX 76018

ph: 817.375.0960  |  fax: 817.375.8924 |
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@Aggiebound: Twitter | Instagram YouTube | Snapchat


Seniors: LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY: The Bennie and Altonia Sharpton Memorial Scholarship

The Bennie and Altonia Sharpton Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior from San Augustine High School who will be attending a trade school, vocational school, or a two-year college.  Payment will be made directly to the institution. 
Applications can be obtained in the Counseling Center.
Deadline:  On or before May 7th to Ms. Cartwright

Seniors: How Colleges Award Financial Aid

How Colleges Award Financial Aid
Truth: Financial aid awards are confusing.
The arrival of your financial aid offers can be as exciting as getting your letters of acceptance. But evaluating your awards can lead to confusion. Knowing more about how colleges decide how much financial aid to give you (or not give you) will help. Here are the main factors colleges look at.
    • What your family is expected to pay. All colleges start with your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). This is the amount your family will be expected to contribute based on your financial aid application(s).
    • Your financial need. To determine your financial need, the college subtracts your EFC from the cost of attendance. The college then decides how much and what types of financial aid it will give you to cover your need.
  • Types of financial aid the college offers. You might be awarded grants (which you don't have to pay back), loans (which you do), or a work-study job -- or some combination of all. You might also get a merit-based scholarship in addition to your need-based aid.
Warning: Your aid offers might be vastly different.
Colleges have different financial aid policies and are not equally generous, so your awards will vary from college to college. Some colleges will cover more of your financial need than others. Some will award more grants and scholarships, and others will include a higher amount of loans. All of this affects how much you and your family will pay out-of-pocket. So it's important to evaluate your award letters carefully.
For more help with understanding your financial aid awards and how to compare them, read the full article at:

Seniors: Co-Op Scholarship Due Tomorrow

The Deep-East Texas Electric Co-Op Scholarship is due to me NO LATER than noon tomorrow!
Get it done!