Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors: When Early Action Makes Sense

When Early Action Makes Sense
Want to know sooner whether you're admitted, but still keep your options open?
Consider applying "early action." It's the most flexible early admission option. Here's how it works.
    • There are no strings attached. Unlike "early decision," which requires you to attend the college if admitted, early action has no such commitment. You simply decide by the regular decision deadline if the college is the one you want to attend.
  • You can apply "EA" to more than one college. Most colleges offering EA will allow you to apply early action to other schools. Only a few highly selective colleges have restrictions.
When is early action the wrong choice?
While it's more flexible than early decision, early action isn't the right choice for all students. Many EA deadlines are in November and December. If you need more time -- to determine if you really like a college, to work on your applications, or to improve your grades or test scores -- applying regular decision might be the better option.
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