Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors: Deciding Which Colleges to Apply For

Deciding Which Colleges to Apply To
Are you applying to the right colleges?
These questions can help you to be sure that every college on your list could give you a rewarding college experience!
    • Are you making an informed decision? Do you have all the facts you need about this college and what it might be like to attend?
    • Are you making a reasonable decision? Have you considered your chances of acceptance and your ability to afford the college?
  • Are you making a heartfelt decision? Does each school fit your personality -- and challenge you in just the right ways?
What if your answer is "I don't know"?
That's ok! You still have time to do more research about your colleges to get the answers. And the payoff will be huge. When you carefully consider every school before adding it to your final list, it's almost certain that you will end up at a college that's right for you.
For more advice about making a great college list -- including the most important question to answer about every college before you decide to apply