Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors: What is the Price Tag for a College Education?

What's the Price Tag for a College Education?
There's more to the cost of college than tuition.
A college's total "cost of attendance" also known as its "sticker price," includes a range of expenses:
    • Tuition and fees. Colleges charge tuition for instruction and fees for services like gym access, academic advising, and campus elections.
    • Room and board. The total college price includes estimates for on- and off-campus housing and meals.
    • Books and supplies. Colleges add in the average costs for textbooks and other learning materials, including computers.
  • Personal and transportation expenses. Miscellaneous costs for things like local transportation, clothing, and entertainment are included in the total cost as well.
Don't panic! Prices vary.
The price tag at some colleges can be shocking. But remember, college educations come at all price points, and financial aid can greatly reduce costs.
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