Juniors and Seniors: College Application Fee Waivers

Don't let high application fees prevent you from applying to college.
If you or your family are unable to afford an application fee, you might be able to have the fee eliminated. You just need to request a fee waiver. Here's how.
  • Through the college. You can request an application fee waiver directly from a college, often by writing a letter signed by a school official. Most colleges have information on how to apply on their websites.
  • Using a SAT/ACT fee waiver. If you took the ACT or SAT and were eligible to have your test fees waived, you automatically qualify for application fee waivers at multiple colleges.
  • Using a NACAC fee waiver. The National Association for College Admission Counseling provides fee waiver forms through its website.
  • When you apply online. The Common App, the Universal College Application, and the Coalition Application let you apply for fee waivers when completing your applications online.
How do you qualify for a fee waiver?
You must meet one of six eligibility criteria. In most cases, your counselor will need to approve your fee waiver request.
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