Freshman and Sophomores: Start Your College List Now

Starting Your College List
Which colleges should you focus on?
With thousands of colleges and universities to choose from, starting your college list can feel overwhelming. But relax. Deciding where to apply is a process, and your college list will evolve as you go. Here's how to get started.
    • Begin with your academic goals. Academics should always be your first priority. Start by identifying colleges that have your major, or that can help you explore broadly before you choose a major.
    • Determine what else you want. If you are passionate about one or two other features (perhaps it's an urban location or a sport you want to play), make these your second and third priorities.
  • Find 10 colleges to research further. Use College Match to search for colleges based on typical things like location and majors offered, and on less obvious (but important!) factors such as the percent of students awarded merit aid, levels of student debt, and freshman satisfaction.
Ready, set ... start exploring!
The more research you do into the colleges on your list, the more you will discover about what appeals to you and what doesn't. (Don't forget to look at affordability, as well as your chances of getting in.)
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