Seniors: Get Started on Your College Application

Get Started with Your College Applications
Do you have "App-rehension"?
College applications can be intimidating, no doubt about it. But knowing what to expect will help you stay organized, avoid last-minute surprises, and cure any pre-app anxiety you might be feeling.
Get up close and personal with some apps.
Look at some real college applications to get familiar with how they are organized and what they ask. You'll find the application link on the college's Admissions web page, or check out the Common Application, which is used by hundreds of colleges.
You'll see that many colleges ask similar questions, but may require different types of essays and recommendations. If you know the colleges you want to apply to, you can start mapping out what you will need to complete your applications.
Don't ignore the details.
Each application contains important questions about everything from fee waivers to scholarships to housing preferences. Overlooking any of these details can delay your application decision, or worse, make you look careless. So do a thorough review before you dive in.
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