Juniors and Seniors: Narrowing Down your College List

Narrowing Down Your College List
Tempted to apply to all the colleges you can? Don't!
You might have found 20 or more colleges that sound interesting, and that's great. But if you apply to them all, you're in for a lot of stress, rushed applications -- and maybe disappointing results. Here are some tips for avoiding this disaster.
Include attractive "likelies" on your college list.
All colleges on your ultimate list should be ones you like and want to attend. This includes your safeties -- the ones likely to admit you.
Include "financial safeties."
Apply to colleges likely to be affordable. Make sure the estimated net price is reasonable, and that other cost factors -- such as a low four-year graduation rate -- don't raise red flags.
Accept that some schools are always reaches.
You may have the best GPA in the state, but your odds at highly selective schools are always a "maybe." Make sure you apply to other colleges you would be happy to attend.
Let your idea of "fit" keep evolving.
Many students change their minds about what they want in a college as they get to know colleges in depth.
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