Juniors and Seniors: Top Ten College Qualities You SHOULD NOT Ignore!

Ten College Qualities You Shouldn't Ignore
There's more to know about colleges than you think.
The following college qualities are easy to overlook. But they can have a profound impact on your college experience.
    • Class availability. How easy is it to get into the classes you'll need, especially classes required for your major?
    • Support services. What support services are available, such as academic advising and counseling?
    • Interaction with the outside world. How often do students volunteer in the community or interact with the world through study and service work abroad?
    • Weekends. What happens on campus when classes aren't in session? Do most students stick around? Or do they desert the campus?
  • Diversity. How diverse is the student body? Will you meet people with a wide range of backgrounds and interests?
Take time to make the right college decisions.
What you don't know can hurt you! Include the not-so-obvious factors in your research now so you can make better decisions down the road and minimize surprises.
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