Seniors: Texas A&M Admissions Fee Waiver Informatin

Seniors planning on attending Texas A&M, please note the following:


Students who qualify for a fee waiver based on one of the criteria below will be given an opportunity to certify their eligibility on the ApplyTexas or Coalition applications and will not be required to provide additional documentation of need in most cases. However, Texas A&M University reserves the right to verify the information provided on the application and may request additional documentation in some instances. Once the application has been submitted and access to the Applicant Information System (AIS) has been provided by Texas A&M (allow 2-3 business days from date of submission), applicants should check AIS to verify the application fee is marked as received.

          Student is eligible for ACT or SAT/College Board fee waiver

·         Student is enrolled in a TRIO program (Upward Bound)

·         Student is eligible for federal free/reduced lunch program

·         Student is in foster care or homeless

·         Student is a ward of the state or an orphan

·         Student lives in federally subsidized public housing

·         Student’s family receives public assistance


Applicants may request a fee waiver by submitting one of the following documents if they did not request one when they applied:


·         An SAT/College Board/ACT Application Fee Waiver Request Form (must have the applicant'ssignature and the counselor's signature where applicable)

·         A NACAC Admission Application Fee Waiver Request Form (must have the applicant's signature and the counselor's signature where applicable)  

·         A memo on school letterhead, signed by the high school counselor, verifying the student is on the federally funded free/reduced lunch program