Seniors: FAFSA Information about Your Expected Family Contribution

Your Expected Family Contribution
See how your EFC impacts your financial aid award.
If you understand what your EFC means and how colleges use it, you can make more informed -- and possibly more affordable -- college choices.
    • What is your EFC? Your Expected Family Contribution is the amount you and your family will be expected to pay for a single year of college.
    • Where does your EFC come from? Your EFC is calculated each year based on information you provide on your financial aid application -- the FAFSA (and the CSS PROFILE, if the college requires it).
    • How does your EFC affect how much aid you get? Colleges subtract your EFC from the cost of attendance to calculate the amount of financial aid you are eligible for.
Is it really that simple?
Definitely not. Your EFC is not necessarily what you will wind up paying. Your real cost -- called your "net price" -- is likely to be different.
To learn more about EFC -- including why you might have more than one -- and how to understand what your real cost of college might be, read the full article at: