Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors: Highly Selective Colleges

If Highly Selective Colleges Are on Your List
Are you in love with a selective college?
Around 60 U.S. colleges are heartbreakers. They admit one-third or fewer of the students who apply. If you are counting on getting into one of them, here's some food for thought.
Being an outstanding applicant is no guarantee.
Many applicants to the most selective colleges have outstanding GPAs, high test scores, tons of honors and AP courses, amazing extracurricular resumes, and compelling essays and letters of recommendation. Truth: Most of them are not admitted.
Getting in may take an "X factor."
Just what gets one stellar student admitted and another denied is hard to pin down. Truth: For almost every student, a highly selective college is a "reach."
How to avoid the heartbreak.
No matter how determined you are to attend a highly selective college, open your heart to other schools. Many colleges offer the same qualities as highly selective colleges, such as beautiful campuses, famous professors, and incredible students who succeed after they graduate. Truth: Many students fall in love with one of their "backups" and never look back.
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