Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors: Medical Assistant Career Resources, is a site dedicated to connecting students with everything they need to begin a career in medical assisting. With increasing college tuition and a 23% growth rate projected by the BLS, medical assisting is an excellent choice for students in Texas who are looking for an alternative to a 4-year college degree. As Texas already boasts a workforce of close to 60,000 medical assistants, it is an excellent place for a new medical assistant to begin their career.

To meet this demand, we have expanded our site’s resources for students in Texas, which can be found here:
How do I choose a program? - Our database of accredited medical assisting schools in Texas.
  • How do I pay for school? - A list of scholarships for Texas students in medical assisting.
  • Where should I work? - Employment data for each major metropolitan area in the state, including Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, the greater Houston area, and statewide resources.
There is no cost associated with any of our resources.