Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors: College Application Tips

Scholarship Application Tips
Create outstanding scholarship apps!
Applying for scholarships is like applying to college. You match your strengths to the sponsor's needs and make the case for why you should be selected. Follow these pointers to get started.
    • Develop a list of your accomplishments. Refer to it as you complete your applications and give it to people writing your letters of recommendation.
    • Study application requirements. What the scholarship sponsor is looking for is usually spelled out in the application package and eligibility rules.
  • Plan to spend time on your essay. Many scholarships ask for a short piece of writing. Often this is your only chance to highlight your unique strengths.
Get organized before you apply.
Like college apps, scholarship applications contain a lot of moving pieces -- from recommendation letters to financial aid forms. So developing a way to stay on top of the details is crucial.
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