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Lone Star Governance » SAISD School Board Lone Star Governance Training

SAISD School Board Lone Star Governance Training



Recently the SAISD Board of Trustees, Charles Donald Boyette, Edwin Henly,

William (Bub) Johnson, William Richards, Nay Smith, Orvin Garrett, and Ryan

Garcia, Superintendent, Virginia Liepman, and district leaders Leasa Dunn,

Anna Sharp, and Crissy Haynie, attended Lone Star Governance (LSG) training,

an initiative aimed at providing a continuous improvement model for governing

teams that choose to intensively focus on one primary objective: Improving

Student Outcomes. LSG accomplishes this intense focus through execution of

the five points of the Texas Framework for School Board Development: Vision,

Accountability, Structure, Unity, and Advocacy. http: //tea.tex as.qov/LSGI


The LSG training, a 2-day workshop developed by the Texas Education Agency

(TEA), was presented by A.J. Crabill, TEA's Deputy Commissioner of

Governance. Since completion, the Board of Trustees, Superintendent, and

district leaders are now in a better position to effectively Monitor student

outcomes; effectively hold the Superintendent accountable for improving

student outcomes; understand the concepts of student outcome goals; and

draft a Lone Star Governance implementation timeline specific to SAISD.


"Successful student outcomes in the classroom begin with critical decisions

made by adults at school board meetings," said Commissioner Morath. "Lone

Star Governance sessions are intended to provide an optional, supportive

resource for school boards and their administrative teams as they make

decisions that have the power to be trans formative in the lives of our students."


In addition to Lone Star's singular focus on improving student outcomes, i.t

provides a system for governing the legal and fiscal responsibilities of the

Board. The workshop is a conversation about governance behaviors that

improve student outcomes and it draws from governance-related research as

well as promising practices from the participants' respective experiences. The

underlying belief is that leadership matters; that leaders' choices have the

power to be trans-formative in the lives of our students.


The following documents are available on our website:


  • Policy AE (Exhibit) SAISD Student Outcome Goals (Board approved 7/18/2017)
  • Policy AE (Exhibit) Goal Progress Measures (GPMs) (Board approved 8/15/2017)
  • Board Self Evaluation Baseline Implementation Integrity Instrument &        Quarterly Goals to Stay On-Target (Board approved 7/18/2017)
  • Monitoring Calendar 2017-2018 (Board approved 8/15/2017)
  • Board Policy AE (Local) (Board approved 8/15/2017)


"Student outcomes don't change until adult behaviors change."