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Letter from Superintendent

From Superintendent Dr. Liepman


March 5, 2019

Dear SAISD Parents,

We have recently been made aware of a HOAX internet challenge targeting children of all ages known as the MOMO CHALLENGE.  In this challenge, adolescents are being enticed by a user named “MOMO” to perform a series of dangerous tasks including violent attacks and possible suicide.  It advertises itself within popular online games and possibly YouTube for kids. 

The MOMO Challenge is an internet  HOAX and you can read more about it at the following link:

The SAISD Technology Department is taking every measure to ensure a safe digital environment for our students while at school.  The department is continuously working to identify and disable access to sites that could potentially display the “challenge” or any other inappropriate materials.

The safety of your child is our top priority.  Please monitor your child's internet activity, and encourage them to inform an adult whenever they may see or hear something that makes them feel unsafe, uncomfortable, or threatened.

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