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Coaching Staff

                                                                    Marty Murr
                                                       Athletic Director 
 In my career I have coached Football, Basketball, Track, Softball, and Baseball. Football is my favorite sport. This is my second year at San Augustine. I have coached at Alto, Crosby,  Anahuac, and Livingston. I have been an AD/HC at three schools. In all I have coached for over twenty years. I got into coaching to help young people become productive adults. I wanted to make a difference in their lives like my coaches did for me. I believe the coaching profession is the greatest platform to help young people and those that need second chances. There are lessons learned in athletics that you don't learn anywhere else at school. I believe that a team and a locker room is a place that all are accepted regardless of color, religion, family back ground or economic status. I want young people to a part of something bigger than themselves.  In my free time I like to be outdoors. I fish and hunt. I also like hiking and being around wild life. My free time is spent with my family.
                                                                Kenya Watts's Profile Photo
                                                              Kenya Watts
                        Basketball, Track Coach , & Cheerleading Sponsor
Basketball is my favorite sport! I have been coaching for 2 years at San Augustine High School. This is my 1st year being a cheerleading sponsor. I got into coaching because I loved the game so much! I played basketball from age 5 until I graduated. Basketball played a huge role in my life. It has taught me how to be apart of a team and how to be flexible when things aren’t falling into place like they should. Basketball also taught me to not only play my part on the court but in the classroom also and that's what i want to instill in our students today. I spend most of my free time with my family and friends. I like playing games, shopping and watching tv/movies. And I’m always up for a road trip.
                                                                  Jacqueline Barnes's Profile Photo
                                                             Jacqueline Barnes
                                             Head Volleyball & Head Track Coach
I  am the Head Volleyball and Head Track Coach. Track is my favorite sport. I coached for two years in Jasper. I coached for three years in Hemphill. Although I had talented and wonderful athletes at both these places, my heart was always at San Augustine. I have now been coaching for three years at San Augustine and I can now truly embrace my love and passion for sports because I'm home and HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS. I grew up in the sports atmosphere. Everyone in my family is very athletic and growing up I didn't see sports as an option but instead a way of life. During my career I had coaches that really helped me. They taught me things that I would be able to carry on throughout my life. They made an impact on me and I strive to make an impact on those around me. I believe in giving back and paying forward, so I vowed that I will pass along all the knowledge and wisdom I gained to every athlete I came across. Coaching is an action, it teaches determination, dedication, perseverance, and self motivation. I believe all athletes CAN if THEY WILL. I coach not only because I love sports, I coach because I love to see the athletes succeed. "A good coach will make his players see what they can be rather than what they are." Ara Parasheghian. In my free time I like to spend time with my family, workout, and shop online!!!!
                                                                  Tory Barnes's Profile Photo
                                                                   Tory Barnes
                                  Football,  Head Basketball, & Head Track Coach
 My favorite sport is basketball. I have coached at San Augustine for 11 years. I was influenced by my own coaches to become one. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, fishing, and going to church. 
                                                                   Joush Morris's Profile Photo
                                                                  Joush Morris
                                           Football, Power lifting, & Track Coach
Football is my favorite sport. This is my second year at San Augustine. I have been coaching for a total of 11 years. I got into coaching because its a passion, I enjoy seeing our athletes succeed. I had some influential coaches in my life and wanted to inspire students like they did. During my free time I like to spend time with my family, play paintball, and enjoy watching sports.
                                                                   Ethan Perkins's Profile Photo
                                                                 Ethan Perkins
                            Football, Basketball, Power lifting, & Track Coach
Football is my favorite sport. This is my first year coaching. I enjoy spending time with my son and watching NFL and college football. I was motivated by the coaches that contributed in molding me into the person that I am now. The time it takes to build that relationship and have a life long effect on a child's life is second to none. I also want to make sure that a child that is playing sports never regrets the time spent playing and striving to achieve a goal.
                                                                  Michael Randle's Profile Photo
                                                                 Michael Randle
                                     Football, Basketball, & Track Coach
Track is my favorite sport. I have coached at San Augustine for 5 years now. I believe coaching gives you the best opportunity to be a major impact of the youth today. A great coach will have a lasting impression on the minds of young men and women that they come in contact with. In my free time i enjoy spending time with my family and reading.  
                                                               Sherri Bostik
                                                   Volleyball & Track
Volleyball is my favorite sport. I have been a coach at San Augustine for 25 years. I chose to be a coach because I love sports and working with kids. In my free time, I enjoy being at the lake with my family and watching sports. 
                                                    Harlie Richardson
                                          Volleyball, Basketball & Power lifting
This is my rookie year of coaching and I couldn't have hand-picked a better group of athletes to have right out of the gate. I love football and played softball all my life but power lifting is where my true passion lies! I credit power lifting, as well as my influential high school coaches, with making me the person I am today. Athletics taught my hard work, dedication, humbleness, and respect. I pray that I will impact athletes' lives just as my coaches impacted mine. I hold the bible verse Philippines 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." very near and dear to my heart. I believe any athlete can and will succeed if they work hard and have faith. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, working out, fishing and hunting.
                                                                Evan Delafield
                                                            Football & Baseball

This is my fourth year coaching, and my second year at San Augustine. I spent my first two years at Mt. Enterprise. I got into coaching because I wanted to be a positive role model. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, and attending various sporting events. 


                                                                Nathan Atherton
                                                     Football & Baseball
Baseball and Football are my two favorite sports. This is my first year at San Augustine. I got into coaching because of the passion I have for the game and I wanted share that passion with young athletes. In my free time I like to spend time with my family, hunt, fish and watch/play sports.
                                                                Brooke Mathews
                                                        Tennis Coach

This is my 10th year to coach tennis and my first at San Augustine. My first 9 years were spent at Medina Valley HS in Castroville, TX. I played tennis in high school and have enjoyed getting to see the sport from the coach's side. I love being a part of the coaching staff and I'm looking forward for my children to grow up around athletics. Outside of school, I enjoy traveling, reading and spending time with my friends and family.