Sharon Taylor

Welcome to the San Augustine ISD Food Services Web Page. My name is Sharon Taylor and I am entering my fourth year as the Food Services Director. I graduated from SAISD in 1981 and attended Bishop College in Dallas, Texas. I have one biological daughter named Conchetta and one daughter that I had the pleasure of raising for the last four years named Mikayla. Conchetta is a recent graduate of the Panola College Nursing Program and Mikayla is in her sophomore year attending Texas A&M University with a major in Psychology. I am very proud of my daughters. Mikayla graduated as valedictorian of the SAHS Class of 2018 and was awarded the U.S. Presidential Scholar Award, upon which she and I flew to Washington D.C. to accept this honor. I also have two beautiful grandchildren named Mariah and Adyn. Mariah is in the 7th grade and Adyn is starting 3rd grade.


No student can learn when he or she is hungry, which is why my main goal as the Food Services Director is to ensure that our students start their day with a healthy and filling breakfast and lunch, while also having the choice of a second entree for lunch. Our students also have the choice of Offer vs. Serve. My second goal is to promote a safe and healthy environment for our students, and to maintain the state guidelines for a well-balanced, nutritional diet.