San Augustine ISD is a technologically progressive district offering our students leading-edge 21st century technology to enhance learning on-campus and off-campus via our state-of-the-art long distance learning lab and OdysseyWare lab.   SAISD also provides our staff and students with seven computer labs, several classroom mini-labs, two library computer labs, several hundred chromebooks and iPads, and wireless connectivity in all our schools, offices and other district facilities.  
Every classroom is equipped with an interactive Promethean board, a document camera and a multimedia projector (in addition to student mobile devices and desktop computers). Furthermore, every classroom and media center in the district has at least one wireless Access Point ensuring fast access to our network and the internet from any mobile wireless devices!
With 24/7 public wireless access, our students use district provided iPads. chromebooks, notebooks, laptops or their own digital devices to connect to the internet for classroom activities. Furthermore, our public wireless connection covers the entire campus from the athletic fields to the gyms and classrooms. Our campuses are tied together with high-speed 10 Gig fiber and to the internet with a 1 Gig web connection via AT&T. 
We employ G Suite for Education in our district and, via Google apps such as Drive and Gmail, our staff and high school students have access to classroom projects and assignments anytime and anywhere they can access the web. The Google Calendar app is used extensively by all departments and displayed prominently on our district websites. These calendars provide current information about the numerous events taking place each day. 
Moreover, our district websites provide information about current news items, notable achievements, pictures, videos, athletic events, school board announcements, staff information and much much more in keeping our students, faculty, staff and the entire San Augustine community (and world wide web) informed of district related news and activities. Additionally, we reach our digital community via our regular posts on our district Facebook, Twitter and MaxPreps social media sites (see links on website home pages). 
As technology impacts all facets of our lives, SAISD is proud and determined in providing our students, faculty and staff with leading edge educational technology products and solutions which in turn supports and enables 21st century learning opportunities for everyone at SAISD!