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Congratulations to UIL Winners/Regional Qualifiers

Names with an asterisk will advance to the Regional Meet in Carthage on April 13. Congratulation, and good luck!
Accounting-  1st Place Team
Hannah Garcia* (1st)
Joel Deville* (4th)
Emile Mendoza* (4th)
Calculator Applications- 1st Place Team
Hannah Garcia* (1st)
Joel Deville* (2nd)
Elizabeth Landin* (3rd)
MaErika Josue* (4th)
Current Issues- 2nd Place Team
Colton Hollis (4th)
Computer Applications
Lakendria Jenkins* (2nd)
Dulce Lopes (4th)
Ke'Areia Holman (5th)
Copy Editing
Elizabeth Landin* (2nd)
Computer Science- 1st Place Team
Santiago Prado* (1st)
Christian Tapia* (2nd)
Jose Silva* (3rd)
Casey Nance* (4th)
Editorial Writng
Elizabeth Landin* (2nd)
MaErika Josue* (3rd)
Feature Writng
Isabella Tuite* (1st)
Elsa Davila* (2nd)
Headline Writing
Elsa Davila* (1st)
Emile Mendoza* (2nd)
Informative Speaking
Colton Hollis* (2nd)
Jolene Nance* (3rd)
Jordan Sterns* (3rd)
News Writing
MaErika Josue* (2nd)
Elsa Davila (6th)
Poetry Interpretation
Anna Waller* (2nd)
Jolene Nance* (3rd)
Paula Landor (4th)
Prose Interpretation
Charlisa Teagle* (1st)
Ready Writing
Makena Radican* (2nd)
Published Print