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September High School Students of the Month!

The 9th grade Student of the Month for September is Stadriana Watts. Stadriana is the daughter of Stacy and Lyndorie Watts. Her favorite subject is Language Arts. In her free time, she he enjoys singing, reading, listening to music, and watching Netflix. She is involved in band, UIL and Student Council. Stadriana plans to go to college and get a Master’s Degree in Social Work so she can become a child and family social worker. Her teacher said, “Stadriana stays on top of her work in regular and honors classes. She always has a smile and optimistic attitude.”
The 10th grade Student of the Month for September is Kieayla Long. Kieayla is the daughter of LaKeisha Scott and Johnathan Holman. Her favorite subject is English. In her free time, she enjoys reading, riding horses, playing with animals, being outside, babysitting and watching Netflix. Kieayla plans to go to college to become a successful doctor. Her teacher said, “Kieayla is a new student this year; she plans to participate in FFA events, is a member of the band and has plans to participate in UIL events. She is a very well behaved student in class. She is always on time and actively participates in class discussions and all class work.”
The 11th grade Student of the Month for September is Mauricio Landaverde. Mauricio is the son of Mauricio and Marilu Landaverde. His favorite subjects are science and math. He enjoys creating animatronics, working on Java programming, drawing, painting and playing video games. Mauricio is on the UIL computer science team. He is considering going to TSTC after he finishes high school to get a degree in computer science. His teacher said, “Mauricio is an outstanding student, takes his work seriously, and always has a great attitude.”
The 12th grade Student of the Month for September is Erica “Kiana” Jenkins. Kiana is the daughter of Denise Jenkins. Her favorite subject is Ag. She enjoys doing makeup and practicing special effects makeup art. She also enjoys working with her goat for FFA. Her teacher said, “Erica Jenkins (who goes by the name Kiana Jenkins) always relates to her fellow students and teachers with kindness and thoughtfulness. Others are drawn to her because they know she is a wonderful listener, helpful to her classmates, and always shows respect to both adults and peers. In her high school classes, she is attentive, hardworking, and focused on learning. She has always kept her future goals foremost in her mind and has chosen to pursue a career as 'aesthetician' by achieving certification through Kilgore Junior College following graduation. By researching and selecting her chosen career path early, she serves as a role model for her peers.”
Pictured: Stadriana Watts (9th), Kieayla Long (10th), Hugh Perkins (HS Principal), Mauricio Landaverde (11th) and Kiana Jenkins (12th)
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