SAISD - May Students of the Month

Elementary School:

The Pre-K Student of the Month for May is Kolten Ham. Kolten is a very smart young man. He is kind, and likes to help others. He is a joy to have in class. Kolten is the son of Ryan and Kris Ham. He is in Mrs. Lisa Crouch and Chasity Smith’s homeroom.

The Kindergarten Student of the Month for May is Bre’Asia Barnes. Bre’Asia is a kind, sweet, and a helpful little girl who tries hard at everything she does. She is always eager to help a friend and show them a new skill she has learned. Her attitude is very positive and encouraging to her friends. She would like to be a baker when she gets older because she wants to bake cakes because it is fun and makes everybody happy! Bre’Asia is the daughter of Bernesha Singleton and is in Mrs. Rachel Beauchamp’s homeroom.

The 1st grade Student of the Month for May is Anthanyshia Giles. Anthanyshia was chosen as Student of the Month because she has made great progress this year! She is a sweet little girl, who does her best everyday and makes good grades. Anthanyshia is the daughter of Jameika Thomas and Anthony Giles. She is in Mrs. Jennifer Cecil’s homeroom.   

The 2nd grade Student of the Month for May is Gianno Cortes. Gianno works very hard and has improved his reading skills this year. He can count money and tell time. He is now working on multiplication and division. Gianno is a good friend to everyone, and he is very considerate to all of his classmates. He is very respectful and uses excellent manners at school. He is a great Wolf in our pack!!! Gianno is the son of Ismael Cortes and Claudia Covarrubias Cortes and he is in Ms. Carol Alford’s homeroom.

The 3rd grade Student of the Month for May is Aryianna Bruton. Aryianna was chosen for this honor because she is respectul, well behaved, and excels academically. Aryianna is the daughter of Mignonne Wilson, and she is in Mrs. Susan McDaniel’s homeroom.

The 4th grade Student of the Month for May is Adyn Thomas. Adyn is a kind, sweet, hard working young man who is a friend to everyone. Ayden is the son of Conchetta Taylor and he is in Mrs. Terra White’s homeroom.

The 5th   grade Student of the Month for May is RonTaevian Clifton. RonTaevian is best known as, “RonT.” He has been selected for this honor because he has made great strides this year, and has improved greatly in all his subjects.  He is the son of Ronald and Tempest Roland and he is in Ms. NaKendra Clifton’s class.

Pictured: Becky Whitton (ES Principal), Kolton Ham (Pre-K), Gianno Cortes (2nd), Bre’Asia Barnes (K), Adyn Thomas (3rd), Anthanyshia Giles (1st) and RonTaevian Clifton (5th

Not Pictured: Aryianna Bruton (3rd)


Middle School:

The 6th grade Student of the Month for May is Dayami Salazar. Dayami is an all-around awesome student. Her favorite subject is Math. In her free time, she loves to skate around town and play soccer with her family. When she finishes her highschool career she plans on becoming an Orthodontist. Dayami is the daughter of Kelia Diaz and Eddie Salazar.

The 7th grade Student of the Month for May is David Rivera. David is an exceptional student and a very polite young man. His favorite subject is athletics. In his free time, he likes to play on his phone, and play with his brothers. He participates on our middle school football team. He plans on becoming a carpenter after high school. David is the son of Agenor and Yajayra Rivera.

The 8th grade Student of the Month for May is Daniel Prado. Daniel is a fantastic middle school student. His favorite subject is science with Coach Daugherty. During his free time, he loves to play video games and listen to his favorite music. He participates in our Middle School Band and our Middle School Athletics programs. After high school he plans on furthering his education in the nursing field. Daniel is the son of Santiago and Alejandra Prado.

Pictured: Dayami Salazar (6th), David Rivera (7th) and Daniel Prado (8th)


High School:

The 9th grade Student of the Month for May is Edvin Smith. Edvin is a hard worker and always encourages his peers. He enjoys lifting weights and working in the ag shop. Edvin is a part of Athletics and the FFA organization. After graduating Edvin plans on obtaining his heavy equipment certification. Edvin is the son of Annie and Eddie Smith.

The 10th grade Student of the Month for May is JoLon Garner. JoLon has always put forth a great example of being an extraordinary student. His favorite course is English. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, riding his bike, and walking his dog. JoLon participates in football, powerlifting, band and track and field events. After graduating JoLon plans to attend Texas A&M for Naval Architecture. JoLon is the son of Alex and Ideria Garner.


The 11th grade Student of the Month for May is Destinee Rodgers. Destinee is a respectful young lady who desires to do well without any complaints. Her favorite class is Algebra 2. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends and family, journaling and practicing make-up.  She is involved in Interact Club, Student Council, Band, Twirling, Tennis and UIL. After graduating Destinee plans on attending the University of Texas at Austin and majoring in Nursing to obtain her BSN. Destinee is the daughter of Kim Polk.


The 12th grade Student of the Month for May is Cedriyah Holman. Cedriyah is an exceptional, well-rounded student. She is ranked #3 in her class. Cedriyah serves as a positive role model for her fellow students. She is mature beyond her years and gives excellent advice to other students seeking guidance. She is active in Student Council, Interact Club, cheer, powerlifting, yearbook, and is a Senior Class Officer. After graduating she will be attending SFA and majoring in Nursing, and will make her way to a pediatric nurse. Cedriyah is the daughter of Sonya and Cedric Holman.


Pictured: Edvin Smith (9th), JoLon Garner (10th), Destinee Rodgers (11th) and Cedriyah Holman (12th)

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