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News from the Wolf Den - April 8th, 2014

Twirling is coming back to the SAHS Marching Band!  Twirling tryouts were held last Friday afternoon and were deemed a complete success by the judges, the band directors and the participants.  The young ladies who will be twirling at next year's football games are: 

Kayla Avila            Leandrea Wilson

Hannah Nguyen     Shelby Jacobs

Jakira Hewitt         Yakiara Holman

Emily Lester           Jairyle Josue

and honorary member of the 2014 - 2015 Wolf Pack Majorette Line Kate Smuk.  

The Head Majorette will be Jairyle Josue.  These ladies worked very hard to make the majorette line comeback and all of them did a fantastic job.  Congratulations!


SAHS participated in District Academic UIL competition 2 weeks ago and brought home the second place school award - second out of a total of 8 schools participating.  Individual and team results are as follows:

·         Ben Eberlan, Accounting, 4th place·         Kateryna Smuk, Calculator Applications, 1st place

·         Jairyle Josue, Calculator Applications, 2nd place·   Cordestine Clifton, Calculator Apps, 3rd place

·         Rebeca Landaverde, Calculator Apps, 4th place·   Jazmine Watts, Computer Apps, 4th place

·         Lizzet Mendoza, Editorial Writing, 2nd place·     Carltedra Bluford, Editorial Writing, 4th place

·         Kayla Avila, Feature Writing, 1st place·         Jada White, Feature Writing, 2nd place

·         Lizzet Mendoza, Headline Writing, 1st place·         Elizabeth Bernal, Headline Writing, 3rd place

·         Tesla Ritchie, Informative Speaking, 1st place·         Kateryna Smuk, Mathematics, 1st place

·         Cordestine Clifton, Mathematics, 4th place·         Anthony Nguyen, Number Sense, 2nd place

·         Megan Chang, Number Sense, 5th place

·         Kayla Avila, News Writing, 2nd place·         Jairyle Josue, News Writing, 4th place

·         Kateryna Smuk, Spelling and Vocabulary, 6th place

SAHS also won as an overall team for the following events:

·         Calculator Applications - 1st place team ·         Journalism - 2nd place team

·         Mathematics - 1st place team ·         Number Sense - 2nd place team

Congratulations to all the students and UIL event coaches - we are in a new district in the coming school year and look forward to an even greater performance!  Special thanks and recognition go to Guy "Doc" Harrison, the UIL Director for the high school - we couldn't have done it without you!


The SAHS baseball team went 2 - 1 over the last week.  We won over Chester twice with scores of 7 to 5 and 5 to 3.  We lost a close one to Burkeville with a score of 3 to 2.  Our next few games are as follows:

·         Friday, April 11 - West Sabine at Pineland at 6:00

·         Tuesday, April 15 - Broaddus at San Augustine at 6:00

Make plans to come out and support your team!


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