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March Students Of The Month!

SAISD - Students of the Month for March


The Pre-K Student of the Month for March was Jeremiah Singleton.  Jeremiah is 3 years old, he will not be 4 until July. His teacher, Mrs. Delois Stripling, said, "The first thing that made me take notice of this young man was his “self confidence”. He wasn’t loud or rambunctious, just very attentive to what was being taught and those things going on around him in his new environment. It was if he was making mental notes about this place called “school” and me, his new authority figure. He learned all 11 shapes, parts of a book, can count to 25, knows 25 of 26 uppercase letters, and he likes to sing too.  Jeremiah likes to test the limits from time to time to see if the boundary lines have moved or if the punishment is still the same every time someone crosses that line. Over the months as we sized each other up, a beautiful trust emerged between us. He’s learned the advantages of following the rules and makes a conscious effort to make good choices. Jeremiah is a good listener most of the time. He is learning to settle conflicts with his words instead of fist! He has very good manners, is kind to his friends, and he really does like to give and receive hugs." Jeremiah is the son of Bernesha Singleton.

The Kindergarten Student of the Month for March was Jeremiah Dean. Jeremiah is 6 years old and is a hard worker and an outstanding leader. He currently reads at a 2nd Grade level with 90% knowledge of the FRY first 600 words. His favorite book is the Bernstein Bears, and he enjoys reading to other friends in the class. He likes to play sports such as basketball, and football. Mrs. Jessica Lott says she is blessed to have Jeremiah in her class this year, and cannot wait to see his progress throughout his journey at the elementary school. Jeremiah is the son of Sharon Taylor.

The 1st Grade Student of the Month for March was Bracilyn Mathis. Bracilyn is the youngest of 4 children in her family, and she is the only girl, but she is just as tough as her 3 brothers. Bracilyn is a joy to have in class, she is always willing to help other students in her class as well as make sure everyone is on task and following directions. She has worked very hard this year to bring her grades up by several points. She has also improved her Reading Skills as well as her Math skills. Mrs. Anissa Smith is very proud of her hard work and is proud to have her as one of her students! Bracilyn is the daughter of LaTanja Greer and John Mathis. Bracilyn is in Mrs. Anissa Smith’s homeroom.

The 2nd Grade Student of the Month for March was JaKayla Adkins.  JaKayla is a very hard worker and her favorite subject is Math. Her favorite color is pink. JaKayla's hobbies include playing checkers, playing on her phone, and talking with her friends. When she grows up, she would like to be a police woman. JaKayla is in Ms. Jennifer Smith's homeroom and Ms. Smith says she has truly enjoyed having JaKayla this year. JaKayla is the daughter of TaSheena Boyer.

The 3rd Grade Student of the Month for March was Sofia Rodriguez. Sofia is a very hard working and a very well mannered young lady. She has attended San Augustine Elementary school all her life. She enjoys reading, playing soccer, and walking with her mom, and she also collects Pokémon cards. Sofia's favorite subject is math, and when she grows up she would like to be a teacher. Sofia is the daughter of Jose Rodriguez and Maria Moreno Rodriguez, and she is the little sister to Edwin Rodriguez. Sofia is in Ms. Linda Skadowski’s homeroom.

The 4th Grade Student of the Month for March was Taylor Johnson. Taylor is an amazing student who tries to keep her teachers in line. Her behavior is exemplary and her work ethic is outstanding and she has wonderful manners. She enjoys going home to play school with her little sister, her favorite novel is “The thing about Jellyfish”.  Her favorite subject is writing, and when she grows up she wants to be a teacher. Taylor lives by the golden rule…treat others the way you want to be treated. Taylor’s teachers are Mrs. Becky Whitton, Mrs. Maureen Carlton, and Mrs. Tiffany Lozoya, and they all are very proud of her. Taylor is the daughter of LaTashia Cotton and Christopher Johnson.

The 5th Grade teachers are proud to nominate Jayce Williamson as Student of the Month for March.  Jayce is the 11 year old son of Don and Donna Wiliamson, and an older brother to Katelyn Williamson.  Jayce is a very hard working and studious young man and is also a representative of the GT program at San Augustine Elementary School. Jayce also is in UIL and placed 2nd in Chess and 4th in Maps, Graphs and Charts.  When he grows up he wants to be technical engineer. He enjoys helping his teachers with their computer and iPad problems. When he is home he enjoys playing video games, and going to church. Mrs. Ashley Burks, Mrs. Jennifer Morton, and Mrs. Davana Dixon are very proud of Jayce and all of his accomplishments.


Front Row: Jeremiah Singleton (Pre-K), Jeremiah Dean (Kindergarten), Bracilyn Mathis (1st), and JaKayla Adkins (2nd)

Back Row: Anna Sharp (Principal), Sofia Rodriguez (3rd), Taylor Johnson (4th), Jayce Williamson (5th) and Rebecca DeVille (Counselor)



High School:


The 6th Grade Student of the Month for March was Elisa Rodriguez-Yanez.  Elisa is the daughter of Martha Yanez and Juan Rodriguez Reza.  Her favorite subject is science.  In her spare time, Elisa enjoys watching movies on Netflix and shopping.  When she graduates from high school, Elisa plans on going to college and then one day having a shop of her own.


The 7th Grade Student of the Month for March was Tycorion Porter.  Tycorion is the son of Veronica and Corey Porter.  His favorite subject is science.  He is involved in athletics and FFA.  He enjoys playing video games in his free time.  Tycorion is working hard in school and hopes to earn a football scholarship to UCLA.


The 8th Grade Student of the Month for March was Michael Rodriguez.  Michael is the son of Tina and Don Rodriguez.  His favorite subjects are history and band.  He is involved in athletics and band.  Michael is considering joining the military or even trying to play college football.


The 9th Grade Student of the Month for March was Mariah Garrett.  Mariah is the daughter of Chudney and Demeko Garrett.  Her favorite subject is biology.  She is involved in 4-H, Student Council, track, and takes honors classes.  Mariah plans to attend Sam Houston State University when she graduates high school.


The 10th Grade Student of the Month for March was MaErika Josue.  MaErika is the daughter of Shirley and Jay Josue.  Her favorite subject is math.  She is involved in Ladies League, UIL, Band, Interact Club, DECA and is a majorette. MaErika plans to attend Stephen F. Austin State University and major in nursing and later specialize in neonatal nursing.


The 11th Grade Student of the Month for March was Cameron Jenkins.  Cameron is the son of Farlesha and Kendrick Jenkins.  His favorite subjects are art and ag mechanics.  He is involved in FFA and enjoys fishing in his free time.  Cameron plans to go to Panola Jr. College and work towards an engineering degree and also get his CDL so he can travel the United States.


The 12th Grade Student of the Month for March was Xavier Wade.  Xavier is the son of LaToya Wade and James Wade.  His favorite subject is Ag.  He is involved in FFA and 4-H and enjoys fishing in his free time.  Xavier plans to become a lineman and hopefully get hired on at the Electric Co-op.



Front Row: Elisa Rodriguez-Yanez (6th), Tycorion Porter (7th), Michael Rodriguez (8th), and Hugh Perkins (Asst. Principal)

Back Row:  Mariah Garrett (9th), MaErika Josue (10th), Cameron Jenkins (11th), and Xavier Wade (12th)

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