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All-District Teams Announced

District 11 2A Division 1 MVP: KJ Davis
Dist. Utility Player of the Year: Quay Johnson
Dist. Newcomer of the Year: Eduardo Lara
District Coach of the Year: Coach Marty Murr
1st team Off. Quarterback & 1st team def.-Kicker- Gavin Murr
1st team Off. Wide Rec.- Quentyvian Borders
1st team Def. Lineman- TyDarius McCoy
1st team Off. Wide Rec.- Kris Wade
1st team Off. Lineman- Donta Barnes
1st team Def. Back & 2nd team Off. WR- Ced Thomas
1st team Def. Lineman- Eulalio Carranza
1st team Def. Back- Tijay Thomas
2nd Team Off. Lineman- Thomas Green
2nd Team Off. Lineman- Jose Ocon
2nd Team Off. Lineman- J.D. Holman
2nd Team Def. Lineman- Zay Harrison
2nd Team Def. Lineman- TyPatrick Bluford
2nd Team Def. Linebacker- Cordell Teel
2nd Team Def. Linebacker- Alberto Bahena
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