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Congratulations to the February Students of the Month!


The PreK Student of the Month for February is Kamaria Price. Kamaria is the 5-year-old daughter of Karla Price. She is a sweet little girl and a joy to have in class. She has made tremendous improvements since the beginning of school and we are so proud of her. She is always willing to help others and she works hard to achieve her goals. Mrs. Fannie Holman and Ms. Chronda Williams feel so blessed to have her in their class this year!

The Kindergarten Student of the Month for February is Ardyss Mosby, but we all know him as AJ!  AJ is the son of Shatara Pickens and LaBrent Mosby. AJ is a hard worker and a top reader!  AJ would like for everyone to know that if you do what is right and what is asked of you and behave yourself that you can be Student of the Month!  AJ’s favorite subject is Math and when he grows up he would like to be a Pastor.  AJ is in Mrs. Jessica Lott's class.

The 1st grade Student of the Month for February is JaTavian Baxter. JaTavian is the son of Rhonda Bratchett.  He is in Mrs. Anissa Smith homeroom.  JaTavian was chosen as Student of the Month because of his amazing behavior and sweet personality. He is always looking for ways to help others as well as helping out Mrs. Smith.  His favorite thing about school is recess.  When he is not at school he enjoys playing with his friends.  Mrs. Smith is very proud of JaTavian’s wonderful improvements this year.

The 2nd Grade Student of the Month for February is Lyrica Clifton.  Lyrica works hard at all she does, and she always tries her best.  Her continuous effort shows even when things get difficult for her. Lyrica’s favorite subject is math, and when she grows up she would like to be a nurse. Lyrica is the daughter of Ronald Clifton and Tempest Roland and is in Mrs. Lisa Ainsworth's class.

The 3rd Grade Student of the Month for February is Juan Silva-Palacios. Juan is a well behaved young man, who works hard and does well in all his classes, but his favorite subject is math!  When he grows up he would like to be a teacher. In his spare time, he likes to play video games. Juan is the son of Maria Palacios and Manola Silva.  He is in Mrs. Jessica Fuller's homeroom.

The 4th Grade Student of the Month for February is David Rivera.  David is an outstanding student, his work ethic is stellar, and he is very well behaved!  PE is his favorite subject and football is his favorite sport. David is quiet, shy, and very polite, but when he is on the field, he is a monster! He cannot wait to get to Middle School so he can participate in some "real ball"!  He would like for everyone to know that he loves his family and when he gets home his Dad joins in the play. They love to play together. David is the son of Vijaya and Agenor Rivera.

The 5th-grade teachers nominate Tarris Davis as Student of the Month. Tarris is the son of Terry Davis. His favorite subject is Math, and he enjoys drawing in his free time.  He would like to join the Army when he is older. Tarris is a very respectful, helpful, and a delightful young man and his teachers, Jennifer Morton, Ashley Burks and Kaye Little are very proud of him. 

High School:

The 6th grade Student of the Month for February is Javier Yanez.  Javier is the son of Angelica Hernandez and Angel Yanez.  His favorite subject is math and his favorite teacher is Mr. Floyd because he is funny and they are always having fun in his class.  He likes to play football and soccer.  Javier plans to work in his family's restaurant when he finishes high school and maybe own his very own restaurant one day!

The 7th grade Student of the Month for February is Jolon Garner.  Jolon is the son of Alex and Ideria Garner.  His favorite subject is science.  He loves to play football and ride his bike.  Jolon plans to go to Michigan State or Texas A&M at Galveston and become a naval architect.

The 8th grade Student of the Month for February is Iy'Terrica Giles.  Iy'Terrica is the daughter of Lanieca Williams and Tavoris Giles.  Her favorite subject is math and her favorite teacher is Mrs. Whittlesey because she explains things in a way that she can learn from her.  She participates in basketball, volleyball, and cheerleading.  Iy'Terrica would love to go into the medical field and become a pediatrician.

The 9th grade Student of the Month for February is Emily Palacios.  Emily is the daughter of Maria Ines Labrada and Enrique Palacios.  Her favorite subject is English because she loves to read.  Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Murr because she is always in a happy mood and is always very helpful.  She is involved in Band, Student Council, Ladies League, FFA, and softball.  Emily plans to go to college and become a veterinarian.

The 10th grade Student of the Month for February is Torrence Borders.  Torrence is the daughter of Alanna Borders and Perry Borders.  Her favorite subject is art.  Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Johnson because she has a great personality and is beautiful and strong and also reminds Torrence of her own mother.  She enjoys playing basketball.  Torrence plans to go to college so she can get a good job and start giving back to her mother for all the things she has done and sacrificed for her.

The 11th grade Student of the Month for February is MaErika Josue.  MaErika is the daughter of Jay and Shirley Josue.  Her favorite subject is math.  MaErika doesn't have a favorite teacher because she says she loves them all equally and they have all taught her everything she needs to know!  She participates in Band, Ladies League, Interact, Tri-M Honor Society, National Honor Society, UIL and twirling.  MaErika plans to attend Stephen F. Austin and major in Pre-Health or Pre-Physical Therapy.

The 12th grade Student of the Month for February is Ya'Kiara Holman.  Ya'Kiara is the daughter of Brenda Lister and Omega Holman.  Her favorite subjects are English and physics.  Her favorite teachers are Mrs. Fussell and Coach Dee Randle because they are great role models.  She is involved in Band, twirling, volleyball, basketball, UIL, Student Council (president), 4-H (vice president), and Junior Chamber.  Ya'Kiara plans to attend Blinn College for two years and then transfer to Sam Houston to finish her degree in criminal justice.
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