Jarvis Smith is December's featured Alumnus!

Jarvis Smith is an Alumni of the San Augustine High School Wolfpack from the class of 2014. He was a member of the National Honor Society and was named All State in Basketball. Jarvis attended Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology and graduated on May 2015. Currently working for Advanced Atomization Technologies as quality control, this is Jarvis’ third, almost fourth, year with the company. To learn more about his journey following high school, we asked Jarvis the following questions:


What did you learn from SAHS that you continue to use today?

The computer skills that I learned and still use to this day. Also, I try to use the basic Spanish I learned (LOL) and public speaking.


What is the best part about college?


  1. Graduating
  1. Meeting new people from all over the world
  1. Parties (DUH)


What do you miss about high school?

I miss the sports, computer classes, and some of the staff that I grew close to.


What do you miss about San Augustine?

The people that I love, the amazing grapefruit highball from the drugstore, and Joc Stop pizza.


If you have a nickname, what is it and how did you get it?

HOOCH! My dad came up with it!


What did you do after completing all the schooling you needed?

First, I got the first job I could get, while having on-the-job training. After that, I went wherever life took me.


Why did you choose the college you attended?

I chose to attend Spartan because of the demand for inspectors, the lifetime job placement program, and it was only a year. It was straight to business, nothing more nothing less.


How do you compare San Augustine to your college town?

I didn’t compare the two. Tulsa is big city; San Augustine is a small town.


What are you doing to challenge yourself either in school or out of school?

Going to the gym every day after work is a challenge. Saving money, improving my credit history, and paying bills on time is another challenge I face everyday.


Can you share your thoughts on how to best prepare myself for a career?


I have a couple in mind:

  1. Love the career you pick!
  2. Be eager, ambitious, and driven!
  3. Learn to work well with others.
  4. Be okay with taking orders and doing things you don’t like.


Given your experience, what college or career advice would you give to a SAHS student today?

Spartan was an excellent choice for me. My best advice to give to a SAHS student is to pick something that you’re very interested in, so you stay determined to finish.


Jarvis is currently living in Rochester, New York. Though the snow does not always stay too long, he thinks snow is awesome, once he got used to it!  Jarvis loves to tell people from all over the world where San Augustine, Texas is located and wants everyone to know he is very proud to call San Augustine, Texas his hometown!



Article conducted by SAHS student MaErika Josue