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I am looking forward to a great 2023-2024 school year. With all the changes that we, as a district and community, have gone through these past few years, I think we all need more Wolf Nation normal.  My primary responsibility as Superintendent is to create, nurture, and maintain a learning and leadership environment for the school district, as well as implement the School Board’s vision for the district. I believe that it is critical for the Superintendent and all employees of the district to work together and understand the value of building relationships with not only each other but with our students and community as well.

Even with all the pandemic setbacks over the last two years, SAISD held fast to its high expectations for our students and remains committed to providing quality education. It is important that SAISD not only build character in our students but leadership skills as well. We have adopted a "growth mindset" and a  "no excuses philosophy." 

Teaching and learning will continue to be our district’s primary goal, and we want to ensure that it occurs in every class setting, every day. We will focus on improving academic achievement and growth for all students while providing a challenging curriculum to meet our students' educational needs.

SAISD is fortunate to have highly qualified employees who care about the children of this community and are committed to providing them with an exceptional education. With district-wide enthusiasm toward this goal, coupled with support from our dedicated community and School Board, SAISD can meet or exceed our goals and be proud of our successes.

There are tremendous challenges in public education today. We have faced a health pandemic that threatened our educational process and forced us to rethink how we educate our students.  We have successfully faced that challenge and can ensure that all students in SAISD will receive the very best education possible.

We must keep the vision of SAISD alive and energized, and all work closely together as parents, teachers, administrators, and community members, to give our children the education they deserve and need for the 21st century.

 Virginia Liepman Ed.D. 

Superintendent of Schools

San Augustine ISD


  Our Children's Future... Our Inspiration

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