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Practical Advice for Students 0401

The following practical advice was recently emailed by Mrs. Beall, a teacher in our district, to middle school students and, given the stay at home order we are all under, her message is really quite appropriate for all students (and adults as well!).
....this is a strange time for everyone and many of you are doing your best! Let me give you some practical advice.

1. Get dressed today. It helps make you feel better.
2. Make your bed and straighten your room. It helps to work in a cleaner environment.
3. Take out a piece of paper and pencil or pen or put a note in your phone of 3 goals you would like to complete today. Setting goals helps keep you focused.
4. Drink water. If you are bored and drinking sodas or sugary drinks, it will make you feel more tired. Drink water!
5. Go outside! Smell the fresh air. Grab a rake and rake up some leaves. Clean off the porch. Look up at the trees turning green. Admire the beautiful clouds.
6. Do some classwork this morning and then some this evening. Spread it out throughout the day.
7. Be kind! Life is very frustrating right now, but we will get through this. I assure you!
8. Say hi to each other 

You are being thought of a great deal by your teachers and school. We miss you. We know you are not sure how to handle all of this craziness, but I assure you it will all be okay. You are loved and most importantly, you are going to come out of this crazy time so much stronger than before! Keep up the great job Wolves! Now let's get to it!
Mrs. Beall