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2020 Summer Workout Plan with Covid Precautions 0601

IMPORTANT message from Head Coach Marty Murr:  Summer workouts will start on June 8th at 9 am. Please arrive before that time. It will be different than in previous years. We will have designated groups. Social Distancing will be a part of the requirements. Our coaches are excited and ready to go to work. Athletes will not be able to use locker room facilities this summer. Athletes will need to provide their own water and towels. There can be no sharing of these items between athletes. I am attaching our summer workout plan to this email (see plan below). I do encourage you to eat some breakfast prior to workouts. One addition to summer workouts is that we will do sport specific drills each day. I look forward to seeing you guys again and putting in some work. If your parents do not think it is safe for you to attend please let me know. I will be sending you some workout information for you to do at home. See you Monday!!  (PLEASE NOTE that NO PARENTS or SPECTATORS ARE ALLOWED on the FIELD DURING WORKOUTS!)